Corporate Executive Board – now just “CEB”

Corporate Executive Board is a family of executive-level and senior management insight services extenbding across corporate IT and into major corporate functions (sales, finance, legal and so on). In the last several years (since 2012) it has presented itself as “CEB” rather than “Corporate Executive Board”. The parent company has now renamed itself accordingly, following the trend in recent years to name companies just by initials rather than by the meaningful name they were derived from. CEB doesn’t now seem to refer to its executive councils as Executive Boards; they have become Leadership Councils, and there is perhaps more focus on IT teams other than at executive level.

Oddly enough, though, they haven’t made the change online. Although the press release cites the corporate website as “”, this still switches to the old “” rather than vice versa.

The shape of the CEB offering is somewhat different from that of which I used to be a client. Looking at the IT portfolio, there are Leadership Councils which encompass CIO, Applications, Enterprise Architecture, Information Risk, Infrastructure, PMO and Midsized Companies. There is a Learning and Development section: IT Leadership; Business Analysis; Prokect Management; Risk Management; and Service Management. And there are an IT Roadmap Builder tool and IT Talent Assessment support.

There has  been some shift, in the recent years, from the Executive Board model of researched sharing in whichinformation is solicited from members, organised, and published back to the membership. A CEB strategy paper would previously comprise tools and insights attributed to the members who contributed them; and this was a key part of its value. On a sample of one, the IT Roadmap white paper, this no longer appears to be the case. The delivery model is no longer differentiated from that of the major players (Gartner et al) and has reverted to being analyst-delivered.

There is, however, now more open-access content than previously. It was never the case that, as a non-subscriber, I could download a whitepaper as I have just done. There are also now a collection of blogs, and an analysis of these may follow in a future post.

Corporate Executive Board has been evolving. Keep an eye on its space.

• The Corporate Executive Board Company Now “CEB Inc.”, CEB press release, 27 May 2015
• Corporate Executive Board (linked as CEB Global; watch whether this link continues to reset back to
• CEB Blogs

Have you seen … Toolbox for IT

A brief one, this, but worthwhile.

In the course of research for my new report on coverage of Emerging Technology, I’ve explored in more depth the IT Toolbox offering. For a major insight service firm (its ultimate parent is the Corporate Executive Board) this is a highly innovative offering.

Under its roof you find a wide variety of topics, as general as Knowledge Management or Windows, as specific as Java, Siebel or SAP, and as focussed as Architecure or the CIO. And in each of these sections there are a group of blogs, a community forum, a wiki (did I once say I’d not seen any major using a wiki to create research? I was wrong!) and a collection of articles from industry, academia, and more.

Since I’m concerned right now with researching emerging tech, I looked at the coverage in this area. The topics are useful ones, the comment is worth having, and (on a quick look at least) the input from staff keeps the discussion focussed and on track. I’ll be looking into it more.

OK, it’s a community. But it has the organisation and vision of a major insight provider behind it. And the best thing is: signing up is free.

See it at (no other links today)