Ray Wang’s Constellation reaches the next stage

In 2010 we reported the inauguration of R “Ray” Wang’s new venture, Constellation Research. Constellation launched with a dozen analysts, Ray himself having left Forrester and stayed a short while with Charlene Li’s Altimeter Group. The founder analysts were all senior, recognised industry figures: many had built their reputations within Forrester, Gartner or (in one case) AMR Research which Gartner, at the time, had just acquired. Others came from high profile consulting companies.

Of the original group, Ray is the only one remaining although Liz Herrell, who joined from Forrester very shortly after the group was founded (and before its official launch) is still there.

Today’s email includes the announcement from Constellation that Ray Wang is stepping down from one of the elements of his role. Constellation has appointed an externally recruited, separate CEO. Bridgette Chambers comes from the user side: she is credited with a strong performance in the American SAP Users’ Group. Her credits include the award of Maverick of the Year in 2012. Now there’s an idea I like!

In three years, Constellation has become seriously established and it isn’t just about research reports. There’s a focus on introducing disruptive technology to an enterprise. This year’s major development is the Constellation Academy with workshops and best practice case studies. Remember that disruptive doesn’t necessarily mean novel; established technologies can be used in a disruptive way. The primary event, Connected Enterprise, also has a focus on innovative use of technology; and Constellation now hosts the Supernova awards (see note below). It’s interesting to look not only at the finalists listed for this year, but at the winners and citations from 2012. The group claims over 200 clients world-wide.

A note on Supernova: Kevin Werbach’s Supernova Group retains its web presence but there is no information there about its Supernova Awards since the 2010 event. The Constellation timeline claims the event since 2011. Kevin Werbach, who is Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, is himself still active through his blog. In April 2011 he posted that he was not contemplating another Supernova event and in July 2012 repeated exactly the same comment. So I’m not clear what the link is between his Supernova events, now apparently ceased, and Constellation’s. To find these entries, go to Werblog (link below) and search it for “Supernova 2011” and so on.

Best wishes to Ray and his partners.

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