Overdue update: Gartner blog index

I’ve finally done a full update on the Gartner Blogs index published on informationspan.com. There are three significant changes (as well as the normal turnover of analysts).

  • Gartner have introduced three new areas within their Markets coverage (that is, the area for IT sales professionals): Digital Marketing; Servers & Storage – Comparative Hardware; and Servers & Storage – Competitive Positioning. The technical Servers and Storage area is unchanged.
  • Digital Marketing has become the first area within Gartner’s Marketing area to offer blogs.
  • the former Burton Group group of services, which has been marketed as Gartner IT1, now comes under the heading Gartner for Technical Professionals. There’s only one IT1 blog at the moment. But I’ve discovered that the legacy Burton blog content, which I had thought was deleted, is mostly still accessible. Their last content was posted in early 2010 but they may still have value.

As a result of this, I’ve made changes to the structure of the blog index.

  • I’ve split the index of blogs by coverage area into two: one containing the technology-related blogs and the second the remainder which now are: Gartner Services and Management; those with the Vertical Industry focus; and a new section for Marketing.
  • I’ve re-introduced a page linking to the legacy Burton Group blogs; one of them (Identity and Privacy) has completely disappeared but the others are still reachable.

Gartner Services and Management currently includes a handful of blogs from Executive Program advisors; one blog from the Supply Chain service (developed after the integration of AMR, of which nothing identifiable now remains); and a long-moribund but still accessible blog by my old META Group acquaintance Val Sribar, now a Gartner GVP.

I’ve also refreshed the list of blogs indexed by the custom Google Search of Gartner blogs, which appears on the lead page. Visit http://www.informationspan.com/analystblogs.htm.

Just to remind you: you can use this index for all sorts of functions Gartner don’t provide:

  • go straight to your favourite analyst’s blog
  • see whether a blog has (reasonably) recent content without having to visit it
  • look for blogs on specific Gartner coverage areas
  • find blogs which aren’t included in Gartner’s Blog Home page
  • search specifically across the entire Gartner Blog space

Please tell me how you use this index, and how it might improve.