After a long gap …

Apologies to readers and followers who may reasonably have thought this blog had died. It’s been several months. Not that things haven’t been happening, but I’ve been verging on over-committed in other areas.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed, but which has been very demanding, has been taking on teaching a new course for the Open University. This is a technology Foundation course; but it looks at technology in the whole context of personal, societal and governance frameworks as well as teaching a range of personal skills such as reading and assessing sources, constructing a well structured argument, online social interactions, and communicating in a range of different styles. Much of the material is familiar from my IT career, but some is new and in any case a tutor has to assimilate how the material is structured, what examples are used, and what the overall aims are: as well as delivering our part of the teaching agenda, marking assignments, and interacting with students. Fun but tough, on a first pass through, which mainly explains the long gap here.

Anyhow, things have simplified a little. So the intention is to resume normal commenting on what goes on under the covers of some of the IT stories, particularly those revolving around emerging technology and the insight services marketplace. The first, following on from this, will relate to a workshop I’m delivering on enterprise agility.

The Analyst Blogs index continues to develop, particularly our Gartner index (which is better than their own for most purposes, I believe). It’s recently been updated so use the link at the right hand side and investigate. See you soon.

Link: My Digital Life (TU100), Open University

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