Gartner integrates Burton; blogs index updated

Over the last few months, Gartner have finally and fully integrated the Burton Group services and analysts acquired in January 2010.

The IT1 service is now referred to as Gartner IT1, although the Burton name is still attached to Gartner’s lead web page for the service. But the separate Burton Group website, which was maintained independently for a while, has now joined the AMR site in being consigned to oblivion.

Gartner’s online page outlines how they differentiate IT1 from the mainstream Gartner technical service. They pitch IT1 as adding the technical depth to the mainstream (“detailed technical insight to help your technical architects and engineers deliver outstanding results”). This was indeed the rationale for acquiring Burton: the need to provide service-oriented IT professionals with deep technical support for their architectural and implementation decisions, and an admission that Gartner, as they were, did not have the full resources needed to deliver this insight – though I’m not sure they would have admitted it before the acquisition!

At the same time, the Burton legacy blogs have also joined AMR in the Delete basket. This means InformationSpan has been able to simplify our Blogs Index for Gartner by removing references to Burton information. It’s been updated, with a few new names and other changes.

We’ve also introduced new indicators to identify blogs which are active and those which are, in various stages, dormant. Currently, of 123 Gartner analyst blogs which are accessible online, only 53 have content published within the last three months. For a further 18, the most recent post is between 3 and 6 months old; for 10, between 6 and 9; for 9, between 9 and 12; and 33 are at least a year out of date and sometimes significantly more. Also of these 123 blogs, 24 are still on the system but don’t appear in Gartner’s own list of analysts who are blogging. Some of these relate to analysts who have left Gartner: but not all; correspondingly, not all blogs are removed when an analysts leaves. It’s a touch confusing, but our index shows clearly what’s what and who’s who.

On the positive side: all the titled blogs, including Mastering the Hype Cycle (which had been dormant) have recent content. The Symposium blog is particularly worth visiting at the moment, while the Autumn cycle of Symposium events continues.

• InformationSpan Analyst Blogs Index, updated 11 Nov 2011
• Burton IT1: service page from Gartner

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