Licence Management in a virtual estate

I have been researching for an event discussing licence management for virtualised and cloud-based services. For those involved in these issues, here are some links I uncovered.

Platform virtualisation vendors include the market leaders (VMWare and Microsoft), Citrix, Oracle, Parallels and Red Hat, as well as SUSE whose status in the marketplace is uncertain following parent Novell’s acquisition by Attachmate. The Xen and KVM Open Source projects in this area are the basis of some products, particularly those from Oracle, SUSE, Citrix and Red Hat. Where licence management is required across a virtual estate, it’s important to know which virtualisation infrastructures are supported.

Both Gartner (Magic Quadrant) and Forrester (TechRadar) have recent reports, accessible to clients, on the infrastructure virtualization marketplace.

Links: infrastructure
Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform
Oracle Virtualization
• Citrix Application and Desktop Virtualization and Server Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
• Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
• Parallels Server Virtualization (note, Parallels desktop virtualisation is aimed at running multiple environments on a single desktop machine, rather than towards machine-room virtualisation of desktops)

Links: licence management vendors
• Flexera Software: Manage Virtual Software Licenses states that FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises includes VMware discovery and inventory capabilities but does not mention other hypervisors, and there is no obvious mention of virtualisation discovery in the product description
• ExpressMetrix: Going Virtual? Stay True to Licensing Rules, white paper originally published in June 2008; Express Software Manager has virtual environment capabilities
FrontRange Discovery and FrontRange License Manager, from FrontRange Solutions, will address VMWare and Microsoft virtualised platforms. License Manager can import bulk data from Discovery or from other discovery suites. Centennial Software, the originator of these suites, was acquired by FrontRange in 2008 and the Centennial branding is now being discontinued. Web searches for Centennial products will link to Centennial pages on the FrontRange site but not all onward links work correctly.
ComplianceConsole from Concorde Solutions (a UK company) claims to work across a virtual estate but does not mention specific virtualisation vendors
Snow Software‘s License Manager includes support for most (but not all) virtualisation platforms: App-V, hyper-v, VMware and Citrix

Links: white papers
• Managing License Compliance in Virtualized Environments,  Steve Butler, Virtual Strategy Magazine, 8 Apr 2009
• Microsoft vs. VMware Battle Clouded By Licensing Claims, Kurt Mackie, Redmond Mag, 29 Aug 2011, includes some useful comments on licensing
• Forrester TechRadar: Infrastructure Virtualization, Q2 2011, 11 May 2011
• Gartner: Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure, 30 Jun 2011, Gartner ID G00213635. This document is currently accessible only to Gartner clients. The 2010 Quadrant is available from VMWare and I’d anticipate that the 2011 update will appear accessibly in due course
• Gartner: Cool Vendors in IT Asset Management, 2011, 7 April 2011, Gartner ID G00211342. Gartner suggest in the preamble to this document that “Despite a continued focus on tools, Gartner finds that clients derive more value from the professional services expertise of IT asset management vendors. ITAM professionals should look beyond big names in ITAM software and services for this innovation”. So far as can be determined, this report is not provided online by any vendor.

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