Google+ initial impressions

G-plusSo I now have my Google+ profile up, and found a handful of friends already there. Just from a quick look round, here are some first impressions.

First: the Circles concept is potentially the most useful new idea. Neither LinkedIn nor Facebook allows you to partition your set of contacts in this way. So, for the first time, there’s a place where both professional and personal contacts (and, perhaps, subdivisions of both) can co-exist without all your feeds going willy-nilly to all of them (yes, it has the “friends” and “friends of friends” concept t00).

Second, it offers chat. There’s also an invitation to “hang out” with friends on a webcam; not yet tried, but presumably could be used for things other than “have fun”. Watch out Skype, as my circles expand.

Third, you can “follow” people you don’t know directly and who you don’t include in your circles. Target: Twitter, I assume, as well as LinkedIn.

Oh, and you can “go mobile” – Android is the only native version right now, iOS will be supported, and other phones can get access through the browser.

We’ll see how it goes!

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