Notes from the consumer cloud

Catching up after a holiday and a very busy patch, there’s some informative stuff in my inbox which I haven’t had time fully to digest yet but which is worth a mention. I’m hoping some readers might spend time on it and comment, or link to your own posts!

First, Amazon’s Cloud forum in London last month. I registered for this but unfortunately wasn’t able to attend. However, the content’s now up on the Web and there are tracks there for the Cloud newbie, the established developer, and the strategist/architect looking for a guided tour. There are strategic surveys, customer case studies, and discussion of the practical issues like Microsoft licensing (which always comes up). Take a look.

Secondly, the Cloud Leadership Forum hosted by IDC and its parent company IDG. Again, useful strategic material; not all the presentations are on line but some are. A couple of key messages from the opening keynote. First: we move to delivering services, not appplications; I’ve heard this transformation described in exactly these terms from other enterprise IT executives. Secondly: architecture moves beyond the firewall. Leaders have caught on to this; but the challenges of doing it are still leaving others in denial and aiming to host everything in-house (though of course, some sensitive areas will always have to do this). Internal IT, these IDC leaders think, will become brokers for Cloud services. It’s thoroughly disruptive, demanding understanding and exploitation of the public cloud, mobile services, the online social revolution, what they call “big data”, and more. There’s stuff about governance, effectiveness and more. Authoritative, and worth a look.

Then in a related space, another IDC blog note reviews the contribution made by the outgoing US Federal CIO in espousing (not to say pushing) not only cloud, but leverage of employee-owned devices (particularly mobile) and the public application support infrastructure (app stores) that now surrounds them; and for open-ness with data. If US government can do it, what does that say to the reluctant adopters in the enterprise? There’s also Gartner research, at the moment on open access to Guest accounts, under the heading “iPad and Beyond”; there are separate tabs there for “Tablets in Business” and “Enterprise Applications” and featuring Gene Alvarez and Dave Cearley. A chance to catch up on what Gartner are thinking, for those without subscriptions, following their conversion from the anathema position!

• AWS Summit 2011
• Thoughts from the 2011 Cloud Leadership Forum, David Potterton, IDC Financial Insights, 24 Jun 2011
• Cloud Leadership Forum 2011, IDC/IDG Enterprise
• Goodbye to our Nation’s First CIO, Adelaide O’Brien, IDC Government Insights, 16 Jun 2011
• iPad and Beyond, Gartner

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