Links for User-driven IT

I’m facilitating a workshop tomorrow looking at how the roller-coaster of user-driven IT (or call it “consumerisation”) in the enterprise can be harnessed for business value. Of course, some of us have been talking about consumerisation for a long time (CSC’s Leading Edge Forum, for example, led the way almost ten years ago). But the momentum has vastly increased with recent additions, perhaps most notably the iPhone and, now, the iPad. Lightweight, easy-to-use devices, near enough instant-on, cool enough to be seen with outside the work context, and highly customisable to align with the way their owner/user best works.

It’s a very hot topic. Not least because, whatever device the enterprise lets its employees use to do their work, there are still corporate responsibilities which have to be appreciated. Large scale legal liabilities, some of them, with the potential for at best embarrassment and at worst jail sentences if something goes astray; and somewhere in between there, the loss of significant company intellectual capital, compromising its ability to make its way in the marketplace, benefit all its stakeholders (customers included) and keep its staff employed.

So in preparation for tomorrow: what’s being said? Here are a couple of links. EMC seems to be at the forefront; it owns information businesses and also RSA. Oddly, despite its being a hot topic, there’s relatively little mainstream writing about opportunities; it’s easier to find writing about how to defend the security and one-device legacy.

• The Rise of User-driven IT: Re-calibrating Information Security for Choice Computing (July 2010). This is a report from RSA’s Security for Business Innovation Council – a dozen or so senior business security executives. Follow the links: you can find the full report, a synopsis, an alternative (IDG) White Paper and research slides. A rare report that looks for benefit and enablement rather than problems and lock-down. Both attitudes exist in the corporate space!
• News article: Enterprise apps find a space on consumer devices, Computerworld, 30 Dec 2010
• Tomorrow’s event: Driving Value from Consumerisation (Corporate IT Forum); non-members can browse the site and find references to material from previous events.

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