Have you seen … McKinsey Quarterly

One of my focus areas at InformationSpan is the wide range of high quality IT insight that’s available for free in the Internet age. Today I want to highlight insight from McKinsey, still perhaps the doyen of management consultancies, via their email Quarterly.

The arrival of the Web, of course, changed people’s perception of intellectual capital: these days, largely, it’s expected to be a free good. You can look at the music industry download saga, for the classic example. There are others, more subtle but none the less real, in any intellectual property business (such as pharmaceuticals, where I worked).

Corporate IT relies on subscription insight services from the major players like Gartner or Forrester, who by and large are expensive providers (that’s not a value judgement: the value is high, but if you want a Gartner for IT Leaders seat, or its equivalent, it will set you back thousands of dollars or pounds). But in the Internet age, there’s a range of content available for free from everyone from major Gartner analysts to the highly specialised niche players. Our index to Analyst Blogs provides a structured index to Gartner’s Blog Network, as perhaps th eleading example.

There are always additional sources worth exploring, though, and not all of them consider IT their major business sector. Companies such as PwC, A T Kearney and McKinsey all publish serious information on the web. Recently I added McKinsey Quarterly to my subscription list and the most recent edition highlights a short case study of the transition brough about by a new CIO at TalkTalk. It’s a case of a company having grown by acquisition as well as growth, ending up with a variety of non-communicating systems, and in the end being held back by disconnections and incompatibilities. Something about the need for a new broom, to bring in changes, and the way the transition was handled in terms of the existing team. And a couple of lessons learned.

Take a look and, maybe, subscribe.

• Raising performance by reducing IT complexity, McKinsey Quarterly, March 2011 (with subscription links including Zinio digital edition)

You might also look at:
• A T Kearney, Strategic IT
• PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Innovation & Technology
• Outlook from Accenture


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