Tekrati has gone: Barbara French hasn’t

For those who haven’t noticed: Tekrati closed its doors (well, its websites) last Friday February 11th. So the first note is: thanks to Barbara French for all that she’s done through Tekrati over the years.

Thankfully the important elements of Tekrati have moved with Barbara to become a personal project. This includes the Analyst Directory and Barbara’s insights on the insight marketplace: the latter through her blog, and the former through a new presence which is now also a blog and hence open to comments and suggestions.

Barbara, best wishes in your new manifestation and, also, my personal thanks for the friendly reception when InformationSpan started and for various interactions over the last three years.

• Sway: analyst relations, influencer marketing & the business of influence
• The new Analyst Directory
Tekrati Closes in February 2011, Sway, 4 Feb 2011


3 responses to “Tekrati has gone: Barbara French hasn’t

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Juniper’s gain is the AR community’s loss. I hope that the realized loss from her change in employment is minimal, and that we all can continue to benefit from Barbara’s perspective, experience, and generous spirit.

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