Microsoft licensing: links

One of my regular blog triggers: I’m facilitating an event next week looking at the options for Microsoft licensing in the enterprise, as Microsoft changes its licence offerings and also begins to see the impact of Office 365 (aka BPOS+) on its user deals. One of the things that jumps out, researching this, is the stream of advice about dealing with “new” Microsoft licensing strategies. It’s been regularly appearing over the last ten years at least. The need to do it isn’t new; the specifics are different.

There’s Select, or there was, and now there’s Select Plus, or there will be. There are Open and Enterprise agreements, Client Access Licences (e.g. for Sharepoint), and internet-based models. Microsoft are changing the landscape, and enterprises dependent (one way or another) on their software need to wise up.

I reported from the Eurodata seminar I attended ten days ago; but one of the sessions I didn’t describe was from Simon Vernoum of Bytes Software, who seems to get around and do a fair number of these sessions. I’ve found, on the web, an old Bytes presentation but it’s a year old and the point is that the model is changing.

So: where do you look? Corporate IT Forum members will of course be at the event next week. Guy Creese of Gartner (Burton Group subsection) has an interesting though brief blog post about the impact of Office 365: expect the Burton team to know quite a lot more. Gartner’s research reports don’t seem to cover licensing much; Forrester have some specifics. Gartner consultants probably know more, but they don’t publish.

And there are the vendors who will guide you through the morass and help get the right deal for you. Bytes is one; there are others such as SoftwareOne. It may surprise some people to realise that licence management companies are part of the Microsoft Partner Network.

• Microsoft Licensing Programs: Discover all the Options, Corporate IT Forum event, 15 Feb 2010 (member access)
• Software Licensing, from SoftwareOne
• Licensing solutions, from Bytes Software Solutions
Microsoft Office 365: The Market Impact, Guy Creese, Gartner, 20 Oct 2010
• Five New Microsoft Licensing Twists That Every IT Buyer Should Know, Forrester Research, 9 Jul 2010 (client access only to complete report)
• Microsoft EA Enrollment Amendment Will Facilitate Move to the Cloud, Gartner, 4 Nov 2010 (client access only to complete report)
Microsoft update in London, ITasITis, 28 Jan 2011


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