Android 3 vs iPad?

Image from TechRepublic. If not visible, it's been deleted from their site

A nice picture of Google’s Silicon Valley campus fronted today’s email from TechRepublic, recalling my first visit there some years ago. Google has been showing off Honeycomb, the next version of its Android OS. ZDnet discusses what’s been happening in the Android tablet market, including (apparently) a high return rate on Samsung tablets, and other upcoming developments including, of course, the imminent iPad 2.

Google posted a video of the launch on YouTube but, oddly, the only direct link to it that I can find is on a Google Mobile blog post that’s actually about the new Android apps marketplace. Click from here!

There’s lots of coverage in the trade press; search for it, and take your pick!

• Google Honeycomb launch, 2 Feb 2011, YouTube video (53 minutes)
• A Sneak Peek of Android 3.0, Honeycomb, Google Mobile blog, 5 Jan 2011
• Google’s Honeycomb Event Kicks Off Today, Watch It Live!, Android Center, 2 Feb 2011
• Google details Honeycomb, shows off apps (photos), TechRepublic, 2 Feb 2011 (as it says on the tin: photos, not reports)
• Android Honeycomb’s task: Make us forget about first-gen Android tablets, ZDnet, 2 Feb 2011


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