Insight goes mobile with Ovum

An email from Ovum today alerted me to their new iPhone “PocketAnalyst” app. So far as I can tell, it’s a first for this sector – unless anyone knows different?

In hindsight, I’m surprised someone hasn’t done it sooner. Analysts, after all, have been talking up the potential of the app market for years now. An example, perhaps, of how relatively poor the sector is at taking its own advice! But Ovum have now got there – though since I’m not an iPhone user it will have to wait for someone else to review it in practice.

What Ovum are advertising (and it will work on the iPod touch too) is access to their news flow, analyst bios and events publicity, on the go, without the need to browse to it through the phone browser. And a technology glossary, which ought to be useful (though the screen shots on the web suggest it’s a bit chunky) and which Ovum’s press release suggests can be invoked direct from other content.

What Ovum have demonstrated is the capacity to innovate in the market. And it’s only a couple of days ago since I quoted Barbara French of Tekrati to the effect that analysts have as much difficulty coping with innovative models as anyone. This is a very different context from Charlene Li’s Altimeter Group, but maybe the same principle applies. And even if Ovum’s app changes shape significantly over the next few months, as they and their users gather experience, it’s got to be a good way to go. Credit to them!

• Ovum Pocket Analyst for iPhone, iTunes store
• Ovum launches first app of its kind with PocketAnalyst, Ovum press release, 11 Nov 2010
• Ovum Knowledge Centre (the app features in a banner ad on the Ovum KC home page, but the link is to the iTunes store)

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