Gartner Symposium is online

Gartner’s Cannes Symposium is in session, and a new entry in the Blog network is being used to disseminate content. It’s more of a straightforward web page than a real blog, though there’s a live update from tweets around the event. You’ve got to watch it to see the nuggets!

There’s a short video from Andrew Spender reviewing yesterday’s events – highlight moments from one of the keynotes, from Dave Cearley (Top Trends presentation) and from Mark Raskino. There are links direct to analyst blogs updated from Symposium. There isn’t the selection of accessible videos of keynotes and so on which have featured in previous years. And unfortunately although you can see the links to the sessions (and the PDFs of their content), which is informative in a limited way, you can’t get through to the content.

But it doesn’t look as if the format, overall, has changed much since I used to attend!

#8226;nbsp;Symposium Live (Gartner Blog page)

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