A very ripe Apple

Business as well as technology press report Apple’s jump in profits to give the company its first $20bn quarter. People are buying Macs, iPads and iPhones – though not so many iPods. Maybe the market for MP3 players is saturating. But a fall in share price, as people took profits, means that the commentators who anticipated a rise were wrong and Apple hasn’t (yet?) become the world’s most valuable company.

There’s relatively little comment about the numbers in the tech media: more about Jobs’s savaging of 7-inch tablets and targetting of his smartphone rivals. But what a turnround from the days when it was in effect Microsoft that rescued Apple from going under completely. Now it’s Microsoft that’s under a cloud, with many reports of the departure of Ray Ozzie (“transition” is Microsoft’s word) and comments which might be summarised as “He was a good catch, but didn’t fit” (depending on what your opinion is of Lotus Notes!)

PS – the iPad is now £500 or less from my online business stationery supplier. Mainstream!

• Apple ‘thrilled’ as quarterly profits jump 70%, Guardian, 19 Oct 2010
• Announcing sales records, Jobs vows Apple ‘will triumph’ over Android, Computerworld, 18 Oct 2010
• Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results, Apple press release, 18 Oct 2010 with link to replay of the earnings webcast
• Steve Ballmer E-mail to Employees on Ray Ozzie Transition, Microsoft PressPass, 18 Oct 2010
• Ray Ozzie to leave Microsoft, CIO.com, 18 Oct 2010

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