Keeping track of Gartner blogs

My version of Parkinson’s Law states that “Work expands to fill the time available, plus ten percent. Even after this rule has been taken into consideration”.

Which is why, a month after return from an excellent summer holiday in Canada (why can’t British trains provide free high capacity wifi and power at every seat?) I’ve only now completed the latest update to the Gartner Blog Index on InformationSpan. Why did it take so long?

Well, at the last iteration a lot of Burton Group blogs were still active. This is no longer the case. So it was time to complete the integration into the Gartner index, started with the last iteration. And Gartner have restructured their index page too.

This meant quite a lot of new analysis coding on the HTML generator. Where a Burton analyst has a Gartner blog we now link to their Burton bio as well as their Gartner one, and within the one list we indicate both their Gartner coverage areas and their Burton strategy affiliation. Creating this single unified alphabetical list was the biggest task and, I hope, will be the biggest benefit.

Then, within the index by coverage area (read this carefully, it means exactly what it says!) there is a separate list of Burton analysts with Gartner blogs, according to their Burton strategy areas. This is in addition to their entry in the index by Gartner coverage areas.

Burton’s blogs were linked to Burton’s strategy areas and were often serviced by several analysts. Gartner’s, of course, are individual. So there is, separately, a page listing the Burton (and AMR) legacy blogs: the AMR blogs all came to an abrupt halt with the acquisition, but the Burton ones are only now winding down. Some of the content on both is still useful. And we track where your favourite Burton and AMR bloggers have got to in the Gartner network (or, in some cases, outside it – several have left Gartner).

I’ve rejigged the Google Custom Search so that all the Gartner blogs are entered in it individually. This means that you will be able to see which blog the search results belong to, by looking at the URLs.

And, having removed the AMR and Burton blogs from the “Others” page there was space for some new links you might like to review, such as the expanded suite of blogs from Charlene Li’s Altimeter Group, and Gideon Gartner’s own personal blog.

Finally, about Gartner’s podcast … If you’ve been unable to persuade iTunes to download Gartner Voice, this has now been fixed. I confirmed with Apple that there was indeed a malformed URL, and flagged this to Gartner. The podcast URL now appears to correctly launch iTunes, the link in the iTunes store works properly, and the podcast will download into your iPod. Though the text on Gartner’s own web page hasn’t been amended, and there’s still confusion there between an RSS feed and a podcast. Ah well, one step at a time!

• InformationSpan’s Analyst Blogs index
• Gartner Voice

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