Will Topsy grow?

I posted and pinged a couple of times on Cloud recently, and this morning I got a pingback from a new discovery: Topsy, released as a Beta (as they do).

Interestingly, there’s a concept that’s been around for a while which is, essentially, a crowdsourced search engine. Instead of Google’s massive infrastructure, use grid-style distribution to route a query out to all your friends, and their friends, and theirs (three degrees is probably enough) to discover what resources they use to research a particular topic.

Topsy is kind of like that, based on what people – individually – are putting out into cyberspace. At the moment, it’s based on tweets and it asked for access to my twitter feed which, after a little research, I’ve given it. It’s essentially a fly on the wall, listening to the conversations that are going on. Search results are typically blog entries referenced in tweets, and tweeters are ranked according to their perceived influence level. You can also identify “experts” in a topic.

Well, it will be interesting to try, and to compare the results. You can follow them on Twitter, of course. That sounds rather recursive!

• Topsy; for a bit more information (not much) see the About page

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