Gartner’s AMR: Supply Chain conference makes it to Europe

As Gartner continues to integrate AMR Research into its way of doing things, there’s a positve benefit for Supply Chain executives in Europe. AMR’s Supply Chain Executive Conference is being launched in EMEA and the first European event will take place in London in September.

Worthy of note: the event will be chaired by Kevin O’Marah, now a Gartner GVP and billed as AMR Chief Strategy Officer. And although most of the listed speakers are recognised AMR names, from within what is now Gartner’s Supply Chain research group, there is one speaker (Tim Payne) who is a Research Director from the legacy Gartner Enterprise Business Applications and ERP group. From his bio, he appears to be the only European-based analyst in the list and is shown as “support[ing] Gartner’s European clients on all aspects of supply chain management”.

AMR/Supply Chain clients in EMEA: take advantage of the presence of these analysts in London and get your one-on-ones booked! Also, use the opportunity to emphasise to Gartner that if they are serious about supporting clients in Europe they need to expand their permanent and effective AMR presence to include some locally based analysts. This flying visit, hopefully, is only a start!

The announcement on Gartner’s website also includes a short video of Kevin O’Marah discussing this year’s AMR Supply Chain Top 25.

• AMR/Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, Sept 2010, London
(if you are looking for the Supply Chain Top 25 report, you have to go to the Conference home page and click the link)

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