Have you seen … Smarter Planet

A Horizon Watching (HW) post alerted me not just to the referenced article, but to the existence of the blog Building a Smarter Planet.

First things first. I was interested in the HW link to information about work IBM have been doing to create an “operating system for sensor networks”. A year or two back now, after the California brown-outs, at least one Silicon Valley firm realised that (a) their buildings were already well instrumented with sensors; and (b) that by smart use of these they could take control in a brown-out. Rather than accept whatever their power provider did to them, they could say “Leave it to us, we will manage our demand down to the appropriate limits”. Creating the management system was a relatively straightforward mashup based on the sensor network that was already there; it was simply re-purposed from monitoring to management.

Now IBM have created infrastructure which, presumably, will allow this to be done more systematically. IBM call this their Fabric for Sensor Network Management and Data Transfer. Developed in the UK, Fabric lets services, policies, security, filters, transformations and event detection algorithms be deployed into the sensor network. In their online resource there are case studies and FAQs.

The route to this information was from Horizon Watching through the Building a Smarter Planet blog, which is worth reading for additional commentary and, perhaps, worth watching in its own right.

• A Smarter Planet, HW post on LinkedIn, 7 Jun 2010
• IBM Researchers create an Operating System for Sensor Networks, Building a Smarter Planet, 7 Jun 2010
• Fabric for Sensor Network Management and Data Transfer, IBM Alphaworks, 21 Sep 2009
• Building a Smarter Planet, blog home page

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