Blog Index: Gartner’s Burton analysts integrated

There’s been a major upgrade to the InformationSpan Index to Analyst Blogs, the first for some time.

The most important change is that, although Burton Group continues its quasi-independent existence, several analysts have moved their blog content into personal pages within the Gartner Blog Network. This has been reflected by integrating them fully into our list of blogs by analyst name: you can click through to their blogs – and to their bios, which are still on the Burton website – just as for any fully-fledged Gartner analyst.

In the index by topic areas, there is a new section for Burton’s categorised topics. That’s both easier and, for you, more reliable than trying to map Burton’s categories onto Gartner’s.

As always, the situation is different with AMR. AMR’s legacy website is all but defunct, and there’s been no new content in the AMR legacy blogs since before the New Year. There’s a new Supply Chain major category in Gartner’s coverage (and interestingly, it’s in the technical category despite Gartner’s assertion that AMR would take them into a new non-IT constituency). But no analysts from within that area are blogging.

By contrast, Burton’s surviving topic-area blogs (linked, like Forrester’s, to their research categories) are still active. Although they carry spasmodic farewells from contributing analysts decamping to the Gartner network, other analysts continue to write within them. On the “Other” page of the index, therefore, the continuing Burton and legacy AMR blogs are listed but I’ve moved the AMR ones to the bottom of the page!

A couple more tasks to do. Integrate the continuing Burton blogs into the Gartner Blog Search on our page, and review Forrester’s blogs which I haven’t included in this project.

This was a major piece of re-analysis, so if anyone spots mistakes in the new lists please let me know! The Index can be found here.

Click here for the Index, and

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