Green? We still don’t get it

I’m reading my way into a sustainability event I’m assisting at tomorrow. There’s a tranche of background reading from one of the keynote speakers from a variety of sources including McKinsey (and others), the UK Government, and the World Wildlife Fund.

And before I even think about the content, I’m sceptical. These are documents which are quite clearly not prepared to be read without being printed out. The WWF document, for example, comes as a PDF – but some major tables (and a lot of headlines) are clearly intended for two printed pages side by side. The material spreads straight across the side margins, appearing on two successive PDF pages. Quite impossible to read on-screen. Not to mention the amounts of white space: the Government report is full of completely blank pages.

And (a quite different gripe): why are publication dates almost never given on reports like this? This stuff moves fast and goes out of date quickly.

Save the planet, but chop down lots of trees to do it!

Smart 2020 report,  A report by The Climate Group on behalf of the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI), Smart 2020, 2008 (the link is to the Publications page with various versions and summaries available)
• Outline for the first global IT strategy for CO2 reductions, World Wildlife Fund, PDF, undated
• Greening Government ICT, Cabinet Office, 2008, PDF, linked from archived Cabinet Office press release World first as Government computers go green, 17 Jul 2008

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