Catching up: short links

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks celebrating a major family birthday (and there’s been a longer gap in the blog). We’ve been in Malta, almost completely (and deliberately) out of the range of technology. Just one snippet though. I now have a mobile phone with built-in WiFi. And not only the hotel lounge, but Valetta’s central square, have open access WiFi networks. I don’t think you can get that in Trafalgar Square. Unless, of course, you know different …

Catching up has involved an enormous backlog of emails and news feeds, and I’m now getting to the really worthwhile ones – the ones that accumulate in Google Reader rather than my inbox. Here are a few short links from the trawl. Some of them go back a long way – it was a big catch up!

  • George Colony of Forrester was, as always, at Davos. Link 1 is his report.
  • George also posted more recently a corporate “how to benefit” for exploiting social media. For many of us who are already involved, there’s nothing new here. But if you want a brief note to pass to the CEO, try Link 2.

I think George has just rebuilt his Counterintuitive CEO blog. In Reader, everything’s dated 10th March. Don’t be deceived.

  • Mike Rasmussen at Corporate Integrity is starting a new series, interleaved in his blog, about developing a risk assessment and management process. Take a look at Link 3.
  • I’ve been involved in various Cloud things recently including the Corporate IT Forum’s Cloud Conference in London (a great event with some first class speakers and good user case studies). Bernard Golden has a recent blog post from a recent forum, CloudConnect, in California. See link 4. But watch this one: it’s from and it seems to click almost anywhere to navigate you off the page.
  • And while I’m on the Cloud, check our R “Ray” Wang (now at Altimeter) for a terminology review; link 5.

Finally: it looks like (as I and others have been saying for a while) Forrester is finally going to get its blog platform and policy coordinated. Each analyst will then have a personal blog (let’s hope the index is better organised than Gartner’s, but we’ll index it in InformationSpan just as soon as I see the shape of it). See the post at Link 6 from Cliff Condon, posted in the existing Groundswell blog.


  1. Davos 2010, George Colony, Forrester Research, 4 Feb 2010
  2. Social Sigma — getting customers to improve your products, George Colony, Forrester Research,
  3. Everything I Need to Know About Risk Management I Learned In . . ., Corporate Integrity, 2 Mar 2010
  4. Cloudnomics: The Economics of Cloud Computing, Bernard Golden,, 22 Mar 2010
  5. Tuesday’s Tip: Understanding The Many Flavors of Cloud Computing and SaaS, R “Ray” Wang, Software Insider, 22 Mar 2010
  6. Guest Post: Forrester Wants More Analysts Using Social Tools, Groundswell, 8 Feb 2010

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