AMR fallout spawns SMB Research

I got a Twitter link from Bob Eastman, alerting me to his and Miles Prescott’s new firm. SMB Research started its blog in December. Both ex AMR, looking to cover supply chain, ERP, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise 2.0 (AMR’s classic research agenda) with a focus on supporting the smaller business.

I’ve an interest in this, as you’ll see from my presentation Can Web 2.0 run your Business?

Enterprise users with legacy AMR contracts: take note, and also see today’s other posting which discusses what Gartner are saying about the integration of AMR (and Burton).

SMBs: also take note. This is a great development. Good luck, guys.

• Visit SMB Research at
• SMB Research Blog at
Can Web 2.0 run your Business? (InformationSpan presentation, British Computer Society, London, Jan 2010)

One response to “AMR fallout spawns SMB Research

  1. Tony:

    SMB Research – Miles Prescott and I – appreciate the mention very much.

    Yes, it is true that Miles Prescott and I, each ex-AMR, have started up SMB Research,

    It is not unfair to say that the AMR fallout has spawned SMB Research to some degree. Even more importantly, we believe that there is a better way to create and deliver technology advisory to companies, particularly small-to-medium businesses. We have come to this conclusion from a combined 25+ years working for one of the larger technology advisory firms.

    In this time, Miles and I have been on the front lines and continually hearing from clients that they really appreciate and find value in technology advisory, but do not always have the bandwidth to absorb all of the written research that the largest research firms generate and publish.

    Clients value – more than anything else – the external research and the independent perspective as needed, but not necessarily with all of the considerable analyst infrastructure and published research that comes with it, and the price necessary to cover the analyst and written research infrastructure.

    The larger technology firms are invested in their syndicated research infrastructure, even while investing less in “high touch” client-facing resources over the past several years.

    This creates a more acute need (and opportunity) than ever, we think, for a more nimble, agile, focused research firm to provide hands-on experienced, actionable technology advisory to the small-to-medium businesses who cannot afford what the largest technology firms have to offer and who therefore do not get their fair share of attention from the largest technology firms.

    Miles and I are building out our business model and capabilities; clients and prospects should see a steadily increasing set of capabilities from SMB Research (, and the SMB Research website ( and the SMB Research Blog (

    We are working with multiple clients now, and are immediately available for new inquiries, engagements, and consultations. Enterprises, particularly small-to-medium businesses, looking for experienced technology advisory – research and analysis focused on specific strategic or tactical areas – can engage us in multiple ways: by calling or emailing us, or by entering an inquiry directly onto our website, at

    Tony, I enjoyed your presentation Can Web 2.0 run your business? very much – an excellent presentation on the topic, covering some very useful areas.
    I have looked at this once, and will be referring to it again as reference!

    Bob Eastman
    Ph 781.475.4734

    Miles Prescott
    Ph 339.933.0643

    SMB Research, LLC
    SMBResearch (twitter)

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