Progress with Gartner-AMR/Burton

Gartner CEO Gene Hall and Tony Friscia of AMR have published an update on the AMR website outlining what’s happening with the AMR integration. This is behind a new link on the AMR home page, under the Gartner logo.

Gartner CEO Gene Hall and Jamie Lewis of Burton Group have published an update on the Burton website outlining what’s happening with the Burton integration. This is behind a new link on the Burton home page, with the Gartner logo.

Yes, those two paragraphs look remarkably similar. So do the postings on the two websites – at least, at first sight. But read on …

Gartner once again repeat that they plan to continue the current AMR and Burton product portfolio through renewals. The AMR and Burton “pricing models” will not change.

There are, though, pointers to changes. First, you may note that the phrase is “pricing model”, not “pricing”. No comment … But for Burton, there is also a commitment to limit price increases to a “nominal” market uplift. That’s missing from the AMR announcement.

Then: the headline AMR comment says “We have already started to invest in the AMR portfolio to enhance the depth and breadth of services that will be delivered to existing AMR clients starting in Q2 this year. This will increase the value you receive as part of your current entitlements.”

And the same thing for Burton, except that it’s Q3 instead of Q2. The agendas are beginning to change, as Gartner establish their hands on the wheel. It remains, of course, to be seen whether this will be judged beneficial by legacy clients – and that’s intended to be a straightforward comment, not a loaded one.

The more important differences come further down, in the FAQs which follow.

Here’s what it says for AMR: “Gartner will release a new generation of AMR research products. In research and advisory, we will introduce AMR Supply Chain Leaders. This will combine AMR’s research with Gartner’s supply chain management and manufacturing research on our new “My Gartner” personalization platform… We are also introducing AMR Enterprise Supply Chain Leaders …“.

This clearly shows AMR-based products being developed in Gartner style, and content from the two analyst teams being brought together and, presumably, aligned. Clients can, we think, expect persuasion from account managers that these new services be trialled in place of the legacy AMR (and legacy Gartner) products. They are named like Gartner products [slight change: I said “as” originally, that was a mistake]; they are explicitly being delivered in a Gartner way; and there’s every reason to suppose they will be at Gartner prices. We said that we think the older AMR access models have a limited life span. This certainly does not dispel that supposition.

By contrast, the strategy for Burton looks set to retain the Burton website as the primary means of access at least for the future envisaged by that document. There is a much stronger feel of Business As Usual in the Burton/Gartner announcement.

But it does look as if new clients of Burton will be offered something different. The wording is: “Specifically, Burton IT1 and individual research & advisory services will be renewable by existing clients” – my underline. Existing clients only, we note.

We advise clients to maintain a healthy scepticism about the longer term: it may simply be that Garter have decided not to “Gartnerise” both acquisitions at once. And it’s interesting that AMR, with its more distinct client base and coverage, is being Gartnerised faster. Watch this space!

• AMR Research is a Gartner company, AMR website, 12 Feb 2010
• Burton Group is a Gartner company (there’s no heading to the actual webpage), Burton Group website, undated
• Gartner’s acquisition of Burton Group, InformationSpan/Lighthouse webinar report, Jan 2010.
• There is a range of other coverage on this blog; just search back

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