“Experton” comment on the Gartner-Burton report

We received the following comment from Luis Praxmarer of Experton. He offers an insight about the next level of taking the game to Gartner.

Dear Duncan and Tony,

First I like to thank you for the effort for setting up the Webinar and for discussing this topic as well as including Ashley, a former Burton Manager, into this call.

For the recommendations I would definitely advice clients to be more pro-active. Otherwise clients “stumble” into the Gartner Service without really reviewing their options.

Our take is and this is not very different for many M&A Activities:
1.    Analyze how the company has really used the service, what are the strength and weaknesses, and how does the demand change/expand/diminish within the organization.

2.    Get the Gartner Rep in and request a clear written statement on how long this exact service will be available (which usually they will not do) and request a positioning how Gartner would otherwise cover the service with their own offerings (including pricing).

3.    Request a free trial of the Gartner offering for a long enough time to really test it.

4.    Now compare what you had and what you see with what you have analyzed what your need is. This “need” might be addressed by several other companies in the market. Look at them and include them into the discussion at the right time based on the renewal date and commitment you get from Gartner.

5.    Now you should be well informed what is out there and what your need is for making the right decision on how to approach the negotiation and contracting. It also gives you time to include the real users if you are the coordinator / interface. Be aware of details in the old Burton contract as well as in Gartner as this could mean a very quick closing of the service. E.g. with the META Group takeover Gartner laid off an entire team and learned later they could not provide the service anymore to the clients. The contract usually protects the client only for the money back for the time he “discovers” the non-service (and only if he negotiates hard). Gartner will try to compensate this with their own offering and sometimes this might be an OK deal, but if the company requirements are not best fulfilled by Gartner, it is only a second or third best solution.

This is a much more pro-active approach and puts the client into the driver seat. You need to control the timing! Any professional VMO* would react in about this manner (if they follow the Best Practice advices). Of course now we could talk about the difference for Vendor and User clients but this is for another day ….

Best regards and have a good day

Luis Praxmarer
CEO & Global Research Director
Experton Group LLC, Dubai, UAE
Dubai Mobile: +971 50 62 54 980
International: +49 172 82 76 954
Munich Office: +49 89 92 333 10
FAX: +49 1212 5235 98 306


I certainly agree with Luis that a proper needs analysis is a pre-requisite for moving forward. InformationSpan’s DRAKE methodology provides a systematic approach to this in a user enterprise (as Luis says, the conversation about vendor clients is different). You then have something you can assess against the range of marketplace offerings. Most clients know about only a handful of potential providers and don’t have time to look further; equally few take the portfolio approach to services which can save money and improve both coherence and effectiveness of advice.

I have a database now of over 400 (not including 300+ others who do market research rather than technology insight), definitely at the service of any clients who wish to take a step back in this situation. Do get in touch!

*VMO = Vendor Management Office

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