Gartner and Burton Group: webinar report available

The report from the InformationSpan/Lighthouse AR webinar, discussing Gartner’s acquisition of Burton Group, is now available through Please click the link below for a free download.

This report discusses the reasons for the move; its impact on the marketplace; and action points for clients of both Gartner and Burton Group. We are very grateful to Ashley Bassett, an experienced sales executive with wide and relevant experience, for joining us on the call and contributing significantly to the report.

We’ve also had an email from Enterprise Management Associates, who are offering clients with verifiable current Burton subscriptions a special deal for a limited time. Their coverage overlaps many of the areas of the legacy Burton service.

Incidentally, Burton analysts are still blogging. AMR seems to have gone quiet in this department.

Final (important) note: either InformationSpan or Lighthouse will be delighted to help clients work out in more detail the implications in their own particular situations.

• InformationSpan Reports (for link to download this report)
• Lighthouse Analyst Relations
• Enterprise Management Associates (Burton clients wanting information about the offer should email
There is a roundup of early links related to the acquisition on Newstin

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