Can Web 2.0 run your Business?

No, this isn’t another posting about the iPad. I’ll wait and see on that one. But a lightweight, accessible device with Apple’s great connectivity and bigger screen capabilities than the iPhone (and its competitors) might well facilitate what this note is actually about!

I presented a session recently at the British Computer Society’s group of independent consultants, with the same title as this post. Everyone knows there are a wide range of Internet-based services out there, from hardware (think Amazon’s EC2 or S3) to presentation platforms like Dimdim to sophisticated business software like Most of it’s available inexpensively or for free.

And the same’s true of information sources. You don’t have to rely on news services which often just relay the press release. There’s accessible content from the major insight firms like Gartner and Forrester, and many others, which you don’t have to pay for (think blogs and podcasts, but also some of their significant reports).

InformationSpan specialises in these two areas, and the aim of the session was twofold. First, to get people thinking about the way that web services can help small players like us to match capabilities with the enterprises that we would like to be our clients. But secondly, to think about things you have to look out for – the small print of the terms and conditions which, in the web world, are take-it-or-leave-it, the mix of services you may end up with, and so on.

Take a look at the presentation, which is now available on the InformationSpan website and includes links to all the services mentioned. The conversation at the session will also feed into a more formal report; watch this space.

Oh, and by the way. Euan Semple, who’s been mentioned in this column more than once, is launching a series of three training seminars in February and March targetted at enterprises trying to figure out the same questions. If you’re in that space, well worth the money I’m sure. This is an unsolicited plug!

• Can Web 2.0 run my business, InformationSpan presentation, BCS Consultancy Group, 12 Jan 2010
• Training Workshops 2010, Online Information and Euan Semple (this is at the top of the page as posted now, but in due course you might need to page down)
• BCS Consultancy Specialist Group (CONSIG)

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