Whew … here we go again

Who expected Gartner to be back on the acquisition trail so soon? But today’s announcement that they’ve acquired Burton Group, when the ink on the AMR acquisition is still drying, changes the picture. It’s a done deal; this isn’t “to be completed”.

What I said then:

“Most importantly and most clearly, Gartner have decided they needed to acquire expertise in supply chain research where AMR are an acknowledged leader. This doesn’t look like a deal to buy up the competition, as the META Group acquisition was late in 2005.”

And this deal is out of the same stable. When Gartner bought META, one of the best things they acquired was the Enterprise Architecture Service with analysts of the calibre of Brian Burke. It melded into Gartner’s own architecture offering, after a year or so, and lost the edge that the META service had had. And what are Burton? By origin an Architecture specialist.

As it’s turned out, Gartner have emphasised that AMR will remain quasi-independent – for the time being, at least. Will they do this with Burton too, or is it too close to a core element of their IT service that they must attempt to integrate more fully? Well, as it happens, Gartner have an AR call tomorrow (Jan 7th). I was already booked. We’ll report back.

Clients – look at my AMR posting (link below) and begin to work on your action plan. Watch this space!

• Gartner Acquires Burton Group, Gartner press release, 5 Jan 2010
• AMR clients: action needed!, ITasITis, 1 Dec 2009
• Burton Group (their own announcement is currently in the home page)
You might like to compare the phrasing of AMR’s announcement (which has moved: the link in my December posting no longer works)


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