Seasonal summary and greetings

Briefly …

To all occasional and regular readers: I hope you have had a very happy Christmas (that’s yesterday, as I write) and will have a good and successful New Year.

A couple of the year’s highlights were the Satyam debacle, mid year, and the announcement of Gartner’s acquisition of AMR Research, a month ago. The Satyam post on this blog still regularly tops the list of most active blogs and is by some distance the most read post in the last year. It’s followed by the article discussing the attempt to create a national directory of cellphone numbers, which fell at the privacy hurdle; and by my note on reCaptcha, which I use to protect the email address on my main website. Interesting what catches people’s attention!

And our coverage of the Gartner-AMR acquisition has been running at a high rate although it’s only had one month to rack up hits. Best wishes in particular to AMR clients, who are welcome to review our webinar; I’m away right now but I’ll update with the link in the next day or two.

Happy 2010!

• Satyam: an analyst case study (5 Feb 2009)
• Cellphone directory project pulled before launch (11 Jul 2009) – is still off the air
Recaptcha uses one problem to crack another (27 Nov 2008 but still of interest in 2009)
AMR clients: action needed!

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