Gartner+AMR: free webinar Monday 14th Dec [update]

The hot news this week has been the decision of AMR Research to allow itself to be bought by Gartner, per my preceding blog post.

If you’re an AMR client you will already be aware of this, and be thinking about your action plan. If you’re a Gartner client in the ERP and Supply Chain space, there will be direct consequences for your service too. But even if you are a client of neither, you should be thinking about it if ERP and Supply Chain are in your area of responsibility.

This is urgent! AMR and Gartner say they intend to operate as a single service from January 1st. In the three weeks to the holiday break, you need to decide your strategy and take some important actions.

Join InformationSpan and Lighthouse Analyst Relations for a webinar which is focussed specifically on your needs as enterprise users. We will explore the likely consequences for the two services, and for you as enterprise users. You will take away a list of clear actions for the immediate future and for the coming year, and you will learn how we can help.

Date: Monday 14th December 2009
Time: 3pm UK time (7 am Pacific, 10 am Eastern, 4pm European)
Who should attend: AMR clients; Gartner ERP/Supply Chain clients; SC and ERP IT leads; those responsible for insight service portfolios; IT procurement leads looking after insight services and/or ERP and SC systems
How to register: link to follow; in the meantime, send email to us at InformationSpan


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