In brief … self provisioning ups its profile

All of a sudden, what we’ve been talking about for years in the Leading Edge Forum’s Consumerisation group (going back to study tours years ago) is getting a much higher popular profile.

In the early days, we were making the case against a lot of scepticism that consumer technology (and not just PCs, but online services that we now call Web 2.0) is cheaper, faster and more capable than most enterprise provision; and leaders like BP were changing their security model to enable employees to pick their own kit and still be more secure than the traditional “everything inside the firewall’s ok” mindset.

Stage two was when the major insight services (naming no names …) finally “got it” and decided that they’d invented the term Consumerisation.

Now, it’s into the general business press and the case studies are beginning to show what we’ve been saying for years: that smart college kids won’t want to work in an environment limited by corporate blinkers. OK, the alert is from an article in CIO Insight. But it features an interview with Google’s CIO; and it starts with a link to an article in the WSJ. We’re getting there!

• Google’s CIO on Technology Choice, Biz-Tech 3.0, 16 Sep 2009
• It’s a Free Country… So why can’t I pick the technology I use in the office? Wall Street Journal online, 15 Nov 2009
• You might find some interesting stuff by using my Gartner Blog search engine and searching for “Consumerization”. Don’t forget to use the American spelling!

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