One you may have missed …

… as I nearly did. My post from a year ago on reCAPTCHA is still one of the most visited on this blog, and you can see reCAPTCHA in action on my own main website where I use it to protect my email address from spambots.

Well, in mid September reCAPTCHA was acquired by Google. The story’s in Computerworld or on the Google blog. And as Computerworld comments, it’s a little component of Google’s mission to make all the world’s content accessible. The world is full of scanned archives of not-entirely-readable text (machine readable that is). reCAPTCHA helps to crack that problem. As it scans the world’s archives, Google will put it to work way beyond the academic sector where it originated.

• Google acquires reCAPTCHA in two-for-one deal, Computerworld, 16 Sep 2009
• reCAPTCHA uses one problem to crack another, ITasITis, 27 Nov 2008
• Teaching computers to read: Google acquires reCAPTCHA, Official Google Blog, 16 Sep 2009
• reCaptcha

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