More Gartner Blogs and some under-the-cover changes

Another ten Gartner analysts have joined the Gartner Blog Network and I’ve updated my blog index to include them. For the first time, a couple of the new names are also new analysts, and these are indicated in the index.

There are a couple of other changes on the Gartner side too. Their Investment Services and Banking vertical coverage has been amalgamated, so the sole blogger in this area, Kristin Moyer, now appears under “Banking & Investment Services”.

And one of the new analysts, Richard Fouts, is working within Gartner’s business management service Gartner for Business Leaders. Gartner describe this as “reinvigorated” rather than “new”: it provides “business strategy and marketing insight for technology and service provider organizations” covering analyst relations, sales, product management & marketing, and market & competitive intelligence. I’m going to need to revamp the approach a little to ensure these additional areas get reflected in the topic index; at the moment, they don’t.

Click through to the blog index, and take it from there.

One response to “More Gartner Blogs and some under-the-cover changes

  1. Hey Tony … thanks for visting my blog .. which is dedicated to “communicating the value of technology.” As you’ll see, we discuss virtually any kind of marketing and sales issues facing technology providers, so I hope you’ll come back .. and give me any ideas you have about what I can do to make the blog engaging and relevant.

    Richard Fouts

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