Gartner’s titled blogs: Gartner responds to InformationSpan comment

Following through on the previous post, and the update to InformationSpan’s blog  index, I was pleased to note also that Gartner have updated their own index to their titled blogs. I couldn’t assert that my observations were the only reason, but I certainly passed comments to Gartner after I last reviewed their coverage. I only wish they’re read them all!

They’ve made the most important change: the omission of Jackie Fenn and Mark Raskino’s Mastering the Hype Cycle has been repaired. But there are still active blogs listed under Archived, including their Office of the Ombudsman blog which you’d think would be important. In fact, the only two items now under Active are Mastering the Hype Cycle and a link to the analysts’ personal blogs.

And beware: some of the blogs are still not listed by the titles that they carry on their own front pages. Mastering the Hype Cycle is a case in point; it’s referenced as Hype Cycle Book.

We shall also keep an eye on High Performance Workplace. This blog last posted in February 2007, and is correctly included under Archived, but there’s a recent (March 2009) test message on it which probably should not have escaped. Maybe it’s going to be revived.

It would be really nice if Gartner could get this right. In the meantime, go to InformationSpan for an index which does what it says on the tin! There’s a link in the panel on this blog page.

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