Have you seen … Forrester’s Inquiry Spotlight reports

Catching up on a Forrester First Look email, my attention was drawn to their (fairly) new report family: Inquiry Spotlight. These focus on topics which garner a large number of inquiries. Even without reading the reports (or summaries, if you’re not a client) it’s interesting to see what these topics are.

Inquiry Spotlight was launched without fanfare, so far as I can see; the first report appears to have covered Server Virtualization and was published last September. The most recent half dozen are E-Signatures; Organizing Architecture Teams; Master Data Management; and Disaster Recovery.

It’s not entirely clear how many inquiries make a topic hot. For example: Organizing Architecture Teams is one topic among around 120 inquiries about the practice of enterprise architecture, these in turn contributing to some 2,000 inquiries in 2008 from architecture professionals. So there may have been only a small handful on this specific topic. But this particular report is stated to be the first in a series of Inquiry Spotlights on EA Practices; we look forward to the rest!

What do you get from this? Not just Forrester’s usual level of insight, but also a benchmark of key issues in enterprise IT. Are your issues the same?

Go to Forrester’s website and just put “Inquiry Spotlight” into their search bar.

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