7 more Gartner analysts come on stream

The Index of analyst blogs has been updated to include seven further Gartner analysts whose blogs have gone live. These include Brian Burke, an old friend from his META Group days, when META’s Enterprise Architecture strategy group was (my colleagues thought) the best on the market. As he establishes his blog (alongside his Twitter and Facebook channels, as he notes) he will be worth reading – especially if you remember Jeanne Ross’s discussion of Architecture as Strategy.

Another new arrival is Carol Rozwell, now covering High Performance Workplace issues. I’ve encountered Carol in previous lives (mine and hers – she used to cover the pharmaceutical industry and e-business). Carol hopes to trigger a discussion on how enterprises can reward collaborative achievement rather than, as at present, focussing primarily on individual outcomes.

The other new arrivals are: Donna Fitzgerald; Tole Hart; Benoit Lheureux; David Norton; and Michael Blechar.

Visit informationspan.com and click on the link to the index of Analyst Blogs. I must get round to reviewing and updating my Forrester page!

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