Gartner blog index … again

Sage Circle and I have both been working on the same thing … Carter posted a note on Friday highlighting 15 new blogs which Gartner say they have added. As he points out, only five of these are active at the moment. And guess what: some of these updates were done after I grabbed the list to do my own update.

So I’ve revisited my list. And all the Excel work last week was worth it, because I’ve been able to capture the up to date data and re-post in half an afternoon! The new analyst blog lists are up: they don’t include the 10 new blogs that aren’t yet active, but I’ll keep a weather eye open. I still have to update my Forrester entries; watch this space.

So – check out my list for analyst blogs with (a) links to analyst bio summaries and (b) links to, and the new view by, their coverage areas. I’ve also brought into the data the four blogs which I had listed as “can’t find these in the analyst lists” – they still aren’t in Gartner’s list of analysts, but there are now links to their bio summaries and to coverage areas which I’ve deduced from their most recent reports.

Good hunting!

• Big 2 social media expands – 15 new Gartner blogs, 3 new Forrester podcasts (Sage Circle, 20 Feb
• InformationSpan index to Analyst Blogs (updated today 23rd Feb 2009)
InformationSpan blog index – now even better (ITasITis, 20 Feb 2009)
• Gartner Blog Network

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