InformationSpan blog index: now even better

I’m advertising a significant upgrade to the InformationSpan index of Gartner’s blogs. It’s been in my mind for some time to revisit this, update the data, and add an alternative index based on the analysts’ coverage areas.

To remind you: the rationale for this page existing at all is that analysts’ blogs can be a great way to access their most recent thinking and expertise, without a subscription. They don’t have the imprimatur of the official reports, but most of us can live with that!

Almost 50 of Gartner’s analysts now maintain personal blogs. But Gartner’s Blog Network page only lists the analysts’ names – and, at that, in the order of their most recent postings. Most users, I suspect, want to know which analyst to follow for particular coverage. And: did you know that Gartner also has a handful of blogs with particular names? I call these titled blogs and I’ve added an index to these too – including an important blog that doesn’t have a link on Gartner’s page (Mastering the Hype Cycle, reviewed here on 14 Oct 2008).

So: go to Click the link in the header to get to the index of analyst blogs. Under the Gartner page, there are now three options.

1 – When you first open the page it displays a new index to the handful of Gartner’s titled blogs which appear still to be active, and links to switch to the other options.

2 – The existing list of personal blogs in order of the analysts’ names has been updated and now shows all the areas each analyst covers, to give you some guidance on content

3 – I’ve added a brand new listing by coverage area, listing the analysts who blog in each section of Gartner’s research classification

So you can find the right blog and link to it, to the analyst’s bio, and to the description of the area of research they work in – whether it’s a technology segment or an industry vertical.

Try it out at

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