Which is the right Gartner blog for you?

I’ve been preoccupied putting together the InformationSpan workshop held in London last week (it went well – thankyou for asking!) and with follow-up. So, apologies for the posting gap.

One of the things that’s happened in the meantime is that Gartner have opened themselves up to the blogsphere. SageCircle in particular have kept in touch with this development and I don’t propose to repeat Carter’s coverage – see the links at the end!

I’m pleased to see this development; they’re catching up on what Forrester’s best analysts have been doing for some time now. From the user’s perspective, it means that there’s enhanced access to Gartner’s experts and expertise without subscriptions. But Gartner have only published a list of names for you to work with. I know a lot of these analysts from having worked with them, but even I don’t know all their coverage areas.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Gartner: have a look at the blog list, identify one or two working in areas you’re interested in, and track them. How? You can now go directly to InformationSpan’s enhanced directory of Gartner blogs. I’ve sorted out the list so that each name is linked to their coverage area, and also to their bio. There are links through to the relevant areas of Gartner’s site. There’s a page of Forrester blogs too: this is simpler, because Forrester’s blogs are named for their coverage area – but there can be several analysts contributing to one blog, and Forrester don’t list them. Work in progress here. Finally, there’s a page of other blogs that I think are worth looking at, either from specialist global firms like Burton and AMR, or from more local providers or niche firms. I’ll probably extend that list over time, but if you want a complete list then go to Tekrati’s!


For InformationSpan’s blog directory, go to informationspan.com and click on “See our new guide to leading analyst blogs” at the top of the page
• Q&A with Gartner about the new Gartner Blog Network SageCircle, 16 Sep 2008
• Update on Gartner’s expanded blogging initiative … SageCircle, 26 Sep 2008, includes a list of Gartner blogger names
• Analyst Blogs Directory from Tekrati, lsted by provider

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