No false hiding at Forrester

I liked this.

Forrester made a small bloomer on their web backend last week which resulted in one of their analysts’ mugshots being replaced by a picture of a colleague of the opposite gender. Far from just correcting it quickly and hoping nobody would notice, the analyst concerned has made a mini-case study of it to remind people of some fundamentals of web publishing.

Being able to share lessons from your own mistakes is a mark of considerable maturity! Well done Stephen Power and Forrester.

Link: (I don’t think this is restricted to Forrester clients)
Steve, You’ve Never Looked Better (Forrester Research blog, 9 July 2008 )


One response to “No false hiding at Forrester

  1. Tony,

    I’m with you: it’s good to see candor. The photo problem has cropped up on more than one occasion on the Forrester web. I’ve been tempted to run with it, just for fun, in the Tekrati directories. I think this is the first time someone inside Forrester has commented on it, and probably the fastest it’s been corrected.


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