Sizing up the insight services marketplace

I’m about halfway down a thorough trawl through the list of firms who are, or may be, IT insight services providers. That’s analyst/research/advisory firms, starting with Forrester and Gartner and going right down to the niche providers and boutiques. Watch the main InformationSpan website when I get it licked into shape (later this month if I’m lucky) but some interesting findings already!

First, you wouldn’t believe how many firms state they are the market leader in market research for semiconductor vendors, or various aspects of telecoms … A lot of research actually is market research, aimed at vendors and service providers rather than enterprise IT. Second, there’s a fair slew of out of date data in the registries held by the analysts’ analysts. Even Tekrati, which is the leader (in my view) and has a news stream I’m coming to rely on, has some dead links. Firms move on or get acquired, and one-man (or woman-) bands close through retirement.

But third, there’s a gold mine of potential coverage of the niche areas, like legal document management or LIMS (laboratory instrument management) which I struggled to find when I was doing this for enterprise IT. I haven’t had time to sort the wheat from the chaff yet. But watch this space!


These are the sources of most of the links I’m reviewing; the database is being added to on my own account as I explore. AllTheAnalysts is in my blogroll; here are the others:
Tekrati lists nearly 500 sources and very nearly all of them are accurate!
Techra has about 450 but the quality is more variable
Outsell covers IT analysts as part of much wider coverage of the entire information industry; I’ve found mention of about a hundred IT sources

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