BarCamp Brighton

A new experience: informal techfest at Sussex Uni under the heading of Barcamp. Completely informal, with the expectation that everyone will present a session. About 50 people: not all IT people. And when the assembled company ranges from luminaries like Jeff Barr of Amazon Web Services, from sponsors like Yahoo and SecondLife, from UK companies like BT, from university research … no keynotes, everyone, even the luminaries, just put up the notice for their talk like everyone else. You’re in for a fascinating and interesting time meeting people and learning things.

Jeff, who I’ve met before, didn’t talk about AWS. He talked about doing business in SecondLife, and the hurdles he’d had to get over to get Amazon to let him take an official interest. Some of these were issues picked up in my own session which I billed as a survival guide for a geek in enterprise IT. A group of about half a dozen of us talked about some of the fears (if you’re discounting a career in enterprise), frustrations (if you’re in there) and the upsides and benefits – for a geek, remember, not the financials. I’ve been at sessions on accessible javascript, basic image editing (with Photoshop or something like it), RDF, Social Network Portability (half the session, because I left to go to Jeff’s) and met people from Yahoo!, The Guardian, a local start-up called Ribot doing mobile design, a local authority, and more.

Uploaded is a version of my session. It will get edited to reflect the conversation we actually had! More tomorrow, and look out for tags on Flickr and so on.

How to survive in enterprise IT
BarCamp Brighton 2

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