Oracle/BEA: quicker than expected

So Oracle raised its bid for BEA, and BEA has agreed a takeover. Compared with the battle for PeopleSoft, this bid has gone through like greased lightning!

In the corporate space, suggests that a year of confusion is in prospect. Larry Ellison says the acquisition as “will significantly enhance and extend Oracle’s Fusion middleware software suite”; perhaps it will provide the missing pieces which will actually make Fusion happen? Forrester’s analysts, at the time of the opening bid, noted that the aquisition would bring Oracle up the market to overtake Microsoft and be second only to IBM in middleware.

There are other consequences. BEA’s acquisition of Plumtree means that Oracle will have two competing products in the portal space. Will Oracle continue to develop Plumtree (AquaLogic)? It will want to move users to the Oracle platform using, as the Forrester report notes, “a combination of carrots and sticks”. But Oracle has bought a lot of software as well as a customer base, and there are sure to be pieces which are preferred over the pre-existing components. The bumpy ride may embrace some Oracle customers too.

The best advice? Talk to your analyst service and get their insights.


Oracle gets BEA … (, 16 Jan 2008)

Oracle and BEA (Oracle website section with links to press release and other material including, for a short time, a replay of the investor webcast)

An Oracle-BEA Combo: How It Will Affect You (Forrester Research, 16 Oct 2007)

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