MIT students first to search video lectures for spoken content

I said I wasn’t going to just link to articles. But this one from MIT’s Technology Journal contains the links I’d otherwise want to research for myself. So have a look.

In brief: there’s been a lot of research over the last thirty years in speech to text rendition, and products on the market. But MIT appears to have cracked two additional problems. First, many lecturers aren’t native English speakers – a top university is a polyglot, international community. So software that’s designed for standard English (or American) won’t do. Second, of course, in lectures there are many specialist terms not in a standard lexicon (whatever the subject).

So for MIT to offer its students a Lecture Search online tool, based on videos of lectures, is pretty remarkable. Read the story here: Searching Video Lectures (MIT Technology Journal, 26 Nov 2007).

We have become: InformationSpan

There’s a home page, of sorts,. It will tell you a bit about what we’re about.

I’m still writing research for the company I still work for. So there won’t be a lot of content here until after the New Year. I’ve got to get back into writing Smalltalk to recreate the template for the blog entries too, so I can marshal useful links for you and make it easier for myself. Why Smalltalk? I used it before, I like it, and it’s gone open source so I have it for free.

Watch this space, or visit at InformationSpan