Getting started

So what am I starting off?

There’s lots of commentary on what’s going on in IT. I’ve contributed my share, inside the company I’ve been working for. Now I’m moving on, and taking it public. I did this once before, in the run-up to the Year 2000 furore: my Pocket 2000 website got a lot of good links and contributed to the success of the whole effort. For what it’s worth, it’s still on the Web.

Why come here, rather than somewhere else? Well, you won’t see a comprehensive commentary on the whole of what’s going on in IT. You’ll see what’s caught my attention; classic blog stuff. But ITAsItIs will dig behind the news, research the background, and share the links with you. We know our way round leading edge research from academia and the vendors. There’ll be a bias towards significance for the enterprise: readers from large and global companies welcome.

I hope people will comment and add your bit, though I daresay that will be slow to build. Welcome, come on in.

You can find my other website for the time being at the Pocket Website but I expect to migrate this quite soon.